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Limassol City Mini Guide

Limassol is a beautiful town situated amidst the ancient towns of Amathus and Curium in Cyprus. This city provides you with all the modern amenities of a town with a friendly harbour at the south coast of Cyprus. Limassol is the largest fishing harbour on the island and is the second largest city on the island after the capital Nicosia. Limassol is the centre for spirit and wine industry apart form fishing and produces plenty of free wine and the KEO beer. The land of Limassol is full of colors and festivals. Here at Limassol, hardly a month passes without a festival and grand celebration. You will find almost everything that a big state has to offer, from disco bars to ethnic souvenir shops. There are several points of attractions in this city with some of the giant water parks, which can uplift your mood at any point of time.

Things to enjoy at Limassol

Limassol offers an exciting visit on the city with large opportunities to spend some quality time at the beach and amidst water sports. Water sports include windsurfing, parasailing and boating. You can also take a sun bath at the beach in soft Mediterranean sunshine. Limassol expanded during the time when the eastern part of the Cyprus island namely Famagusta city was occupied by the Turkish troops.  While you are holidaying at Limassol, you must visit the Limassol castle that houses the medieval museum, the district Archaeological Museum, the Folk Art Museum, the “Kolossi castle”, The Municipal art gallery, the Zoo, the beautiful Municipal gardens and the fishing harbours.
Limassol, being the major city of Cyprus, hosts numerous restaurants and food joints where you get authentic Limassol cuisine at an extremely affordable rate. The KEO beer is immensely popular here. Never miss your opportunity to taste this beer while you are in Limassol. Throughout the city you will find many souvenir shops which sell beautiful souvenirs that you can buy for yourself to remember your trip forever.


You will find many hotels and resorts for your stay in Limassol. The price of these hotel and resorts ranges within very affordable limits, however, you can also get luxury resorts, which you can choose at your convenience. The warm and lovely people of the land welcome you with all the love of the world as you step in. The hotels at Limassol are located at prime locations of the city which makes travelling easy.

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