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Cyprus Holiday (Island) Resort Mini Guide


CYPRUS (North&South) Population: – The combined population of the Greek and Turkish sectors (2010 estimate) is 1,088,503.
– 77% Greek-speaking Cypriots[803,147].
– 18% population is of Turkish extraction.
– 5% Armenians and other ethnic groups.

Languages: Greek (Cyprus) and Turkish (N.Cyprus) are both official languages [English is widely spoken as a second language].

Climate: Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and a cool, rainy season that extends from October to March. The mean annual temperature is 21°C (69°F). The annual rainfall averages less than 500 mm (less than 20 in).

Capital: NICOSIA , Other Cities: Limassol (Lemesos), Pafos (Paphos), Larnaka.

Money:   EURO currency used    € 1.00 = US$ 1.348 = UK£ 0.89. 

Time Zone GMT: +0200 (winter) / +0300 (summer).

Head of the Government: President.

Member of United Nations.

Member of the British Commonwealth(1960) and European Union(2004).

Independence: 53 years (former British colony - 1960).

Note: Cyprus(Greek) has many characteristics common to Greece samely Turkish Cyprus to Turkey.


Spending some quality time with your loved ones far from the hustle bustle of daily life is an amazing experience. However, the increasing work load in every sector hardly leaves people with any time to relax. But if, you could manage some time in hand, go treat yourself and your family to an unforgettable Cyprus Island tour. Cyprus is an amazing place in the world that is rich in culture, tradition, history and warm people amidst the serene natural beauty. The beaches of Cyprus enables you, to spend some quality time amongst some exciting water sports including water surfing, parasailing, boating and a few more. Here we have a provided a mini guide for an awesome Cyprus tour.

Some basics about Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the major islands of the world with both Greek and Turkish sectors. According to a recent estimate, Cyprus is a home for almost 77% Greek speaking Cypriots, 18% people of Turkish extraction and around 5% Armenians and other ethnic groups. The major languages spoken in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. However, English is quite a common language and is spoken throughout the island as a second language.

The climate remains quite Mediterranean throughout the year with hot and dry summers and a cool and rainy season that starts from October and exists till March. The mean annual temperature is 21°C (69°F). The island gets annual rainfall that averages less than 500 mm (less than 20 in). The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, while the other major cities of the island are Limassol, Larnaka, Pafos, Agia Napa, Polis, …

Major attractions and accommodation

Cyprus has many historical points of attraction. Several historical sites at Cyprus are enlisted as World Heritage site. The rich history of the place attracts travellers throughout the world. Numerous museums, archaeological sites make Cyprus a place worth visiting. However, there are many water parks, aquarium and discos to relax your mood. The island of Cyprus is well connected to all the cities within by means of land transport. The beautiful beaches with white sands are an amazing place to spend a relaxing afternoon while the mild sun embraces you.

Cyprus has become increasingly popular in the last few years as a tourism spot. This has lead to the development of apartments and hotels for the tourists to stay. These hotels are designed to give you the ultimate comfort of accommodation with all the modern amenities that you might need during your stay.

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Cyprus Maps

(Mini guides: to Polis , to Paphos , to Limassol , to Pafos Int'l Airport , to Cyprus , LINKS)